The Business Environment

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In a fast-paced and constantly changing world, it is more important than ever to have a sound appreciation of the context in which business organisations exist and operate. Now in its 7th edition, this best-selling textbook offers a comprehensive, yet accessible, introduction to the wide range of external influences that affect business operations and decisions in today's increasingly globalised world.

How do changing, and often unpredictable, economic or political conditions impact on business?

How are business organisations affected by globalisation?

What role do environmental responsibility and ethics have to play in business decisions?

Using well-known examples and case studies from a broad range of international organisations, this 7th edition of The Business Environment addresses these key questions and many more. It includes a chapter on the global context of business together with International Business in Action case studies, both of which clearly illustrate the global nature of today's world of business. With this book you can:

Explore all the issues which are critical to understanding the business environment and learn how these impact on organisations of all types and sizes.

Benefit from up-to-date information and accessible analysis of both the macro- and micro-environmental influences that affect business organisations today.

Put theory into practice, using a wide range of contemporary mini cases and case studies on (1) organisations including Microsoft, Facebook, Gazprom and Serco (2) issues such as foreign direct investment, fracking, the Eurozone crisis and Quantitative Easing.

Ian Worthington is Emeritus Professor of Corporate Sustainability and Chris Britton was formerly Principal Lecturer in the Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.