Twins Special Boxing Bag Gloves TBGL1F Black

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They feature the close thumb which enhances grip and flexibility of multiple training scenarios. The Velcro wrist closure allows for quick adjustments in fit and feel, which can often change over the course of a diverse training session. Regardless if your area of training is focused or broad, Twins Special Training Bag Gloves support correct punching technique while supplying the protection expected from the company that sets the standard of Fighting Arts equipment. All Twins Special Fight Gear is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. No one offers MMA products that compare with the variety, functionality, or aesthetic creativity that Twins Special is known for. All of our Training Bag Gloves are made from one-hundred percent leather and top-of-the-line high density padding. · Made of 100% cowskin leather. · Handmade in Thailand.