Sonashi 2 In 1 Unbreakable Jar & Mill Blender - SB-144

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Juices, protein shakes, smoothies, milkshakes and pancakes can all be on the menu at home with a Sonashi blender. Blending food is a great way to make consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables easily. Take charge of your health by changing the way you eat. Trade-in some of your time-consuming breakfast recipes for fruit smoothies that will give you a burst of energy to start your day. There are numerous easy-to-blend recipes available online. The Sonashi blender is designed to provide performance through power.

We all know, how difficult it is to get children to eat their vegetables and fruits. Change tactics to make nutritious food enticing to kids. Blend vegetables into tasty soups, make fruit juices, prepare tomato sauce for pizza, the possibilities are endless. The super-powerful motors used in Sonashi blenders can mince and grind pretty much any ingredient you put in. We have included unbreakable jars, mills and cups for different types of grinding requirements. The stainless steel blades are super durable and very easy to clean.

Other features include a safety system for the jars and mills to prevent accidents. The motor overheats protection technology shuts down the Sonashi blender in case the motor gets too hot from prolonged use. Once the motor cools down sufficiently, the blender will resume functioning. This prevents the motor from getting damaged, thereby extending the motor’s life. With large 1.5 L blender jars, you can easily prepare yummy mango milkshakes for the whole family in a jiffy.

This product has a 2-year warranty.


Brand Sonashi
Model Number Sb-144
Color Red
Product Dimensions 24.2 x 42.8 x 24.6 cm
Material Glass
Item Weight 2.4 kg