Snapchat Spectacles Blue

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Taking Snaps
Spectacles let you capture the moment from your perspective without having to stop what you are doing. Press the button on Spectacles once to take a ten-second video Snap. Be sure to press down firmly and in the center of the button. A white LED light will appear on the inside of the frame to confirm that recording has begun. This single white LED light will flash when you only have two seconds of recording left. Spectacles outer LED ring illuminates to let friends know you are recording. To stop recording, simply press and hold the button on Spectacles for about two seconds. Spectacles record video Snaps in ten-second segments. Press once on Spectacles button to extend your Snap to 20 seconds and press again to extend to 30. In Memories, your recording will be broken up into three ten-second Snaps. Once you have paired Spectacles with Snapchat on your mobile device, Snaps you take with Spectacles import automatically whenever you open Snapchat and Spectacles are nearby.

Charging Spectacles
The Spectacles can be charged by plugging in the included charging cable or by placing spectacles in their charging case. Whether you use the case or the cable, you should feel the cable magnetically snap into place and see spectacles LED ring turn on. Your Specs should take about 90 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. Charge Specs only using the charging cable provided and do not use your Specs while you are charging them. To check your Specs’ battery level, double tap the left side of the frame (the button side). The LED ring on the front of Specs will illuminate to the percentage that the Specs are charged.

Spectacles Errors
If your inner LED is blinking red, something's up. When this happens, check the outer LEDs. The LED ring on Spectacles may show a variety of light patterns for specific status errors and other messages: If you see a single bottom LED flash 3 times, then your battery is getting low! Recharge as soon as you can. If you see five LEDs flash 3 times, then your spectacles storage is full. Import Snaps to your device by opening memories and making sure spectacles are nearby. If you see two LEDs flash 3 times, then your Spectacles are either too hot or too cold. Bring spectacles back to a more neutral temperature environment to continue taking Snaps. If you see three rotating LEDs with progress, then hang tight! Spectacles are updating. This may take a few minutes to complete.

  • Spectacles make memories, from your perspective
  • Press the button to make a 10-second snap
  • Lights show friends you are snapping
  • Wirelessly add your snaps to memories on Snapchat
  • Spectacles charge in their case