Six Pack Care, Fitness Machine Abdominal Exercise, Multi Color

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Key Feature

  • Work your core like never before with the brand new Multi functional 6 in 1Unlike some ab machines in the gym that work through a limited range of motion, Kemket Multifunctional ab Bench can go beyond 180° with an extended range of motion to target your core. The device 6-in - 1 allows you to exercise your abs, arms, legs, arms, chest, back and buttocks specifically for the training of middle, lower and lateral abdominal muscles
  • With regular crunches most of the effort is focused on the way up, but with Multifunctional ab Bench incredible dual resistance design, your muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion; with the reverse crunch against resistance as you lie back and a regular crunch as you come up.
  • Built in twisting seat so you can target your obliques, then tighten your waistline by adding a tuck to work the lower abs, or do a lower ab press to really tone that stomach. 3 levels of resistance at the level of the legs
  • Multifunctional ab Bench features an improved ergonomic back design with all new upper body features such as the resistance bands; so now you can do a variety of upper body workouts including chest exercise, back exercise, biceps, triceps and more giving you a total body workout.
  • Light Weight, use it in any room in your house, while watching TV! It doesn't take up space and when you're done it folds away for easy storage.


Pack will help you lose weight, do toned body and cellulite removal gives your body toned and sexy. The machine will help your energy consumption, calorie free, thereby stimulating the fat consumed with the care 7 6 specific areas on the body. Just practice all exercises and repeated twice within 10 minutes and exercise 4 to 5 days a week, you will improve your waistline effectively, and increased most rapidly toughness for other parts of the body. Supports multi-sector collective Machine 7 episode 6 the care specific body areas including the abdomen and the upper abdomen, middle abdomen, lower abdomen and the side cross 2. With 7 action on the entire abdominal area is a maximum contraction, buttocks and waist are also athletes.