Samsung S95C OLED 4K Smart TV

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The Samsung S95C OLED 4K Smart TV is the perfect choice for a stunning home entertainment experience. Featuring Infinity One Design and OLED technology, you’ll enjoy deep, rich blacks and vibrant colors with incredible contrast and detail. Take your viewing to the next level.

  • OLED
  • Neural Quantum Processor 4K
  • Infinity One Design

Deep blacks, clean whites and lively colors
Samsung’s innovative OLED offers deep blacks, clean whites and full shades of colors thanks to cutting-edge self-illuminating pixels driven by Quantum Dot.

Witness unrivaled brightness and superior picture
Brilliant 4K picture quality completed by 20 different neural networks ensures you feel the power of 4K.

Absolute beauty found in minimalism
The gorgeous Infinity One Design will take your viewing experience to the next level with its impossibly slim profile.

Dolby Atmos experience with top channel speakers
Top channel speakers immerse viewers inside the action with multi-dimensional sound.