Saachi Sweet Dumplings/Luqaimat Maker NL-SB-1010-WH

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Confused about which dessert to serve at your next dinner party? Not to worry, we’ve made your decision for you! The Saachi Sweet Dumpling/ Luqaimat Maker is the easiest way to make your favourite traditional dessert in the matter of minutes. This appliance comes with an automatic temperature control and can dispatch 3 dough balls at a time and will keep them coming. It has a stainless steel dough tank and a detachable oil tank making it very easy to clean. The pilot light indicator will inform you when the luqaimat is ready and dessert is served!

Features - Can make sweet dumplings / luqaimat - Automatic temperature control from 195o to 205o C - Dispenses 3 dough balls from a slot at a time - Stainless steel dough tank - Detachable enamel oil tank for easy cleaning - On/Off switch - Pilot light indicator - Cool touch handles