Promate Wall Mount Charging Station, 5-in 1 Wall Outlet Extender with Removable Shelf, Dual 3250W AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports, Sensor LED Night Light and Brightness Control, PowerRack.UK-Black

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Enjoy more versatile power options for your devices with PowerRack, delivering a whopping 3250W of power with 2 AC outlets and 2 fast-charging USB 2.4A ports that lets you charge up your power-hungry devices like hairdryers, curlers, shavers, etc. with ease. The wall outlet extender features an innovative wall rack design offering more space and convenience to plug in and charge your smartphone and other compatible devices placed at the top of it. Go, make your life easier with PowerRack.


Revolutionary 5-in 1 Wall Mount Charging Station:
Make your life more convenient by charging all your electronic devices with a 5-in 1 charging station featuring 2 AC Outlets with 3250W of power and dual 2.4A USB charging ports and a space-saving removable shelf to keep all your items like smartphones, electronic toothbrush, iPad, speakers, and others safely at one place while charging.

Powerful 3250W Dual AC Outlets:
Enjoy providing optimal charging to any of your electrical devices like hairdryers, curlers, shavers without sacrificing an outlet to fit a larger plug as Promate PowerRack comes with widely spaced dual AC Outlets with Incredible 3250W of Power.

High-Speed Dual 2.4A USB Charging Ports:
The built-in USB ports provide optimum and high-speed charge to all devices with a speed up to 5V/2.4A maximum. These USB Ports are widely compatible with most kinds of smartphones, tablets, electronic appliances, and all other USB -Enabled devices and provide the right amount of charge around the safest and secure environment.

Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously:
Power up your life with just one compact and powerful wall charging station ‘PowerRack’. It allows simultaneous use of its multiport i.e., Dual AC sockets and Dual Fast Charging 2.4A USB Ports, so you can charge 4 different devices at the same time with utmost convenience.

Multi-Purpose Space-Saving Detachable Shelf:
Now be able to charge easily with a removable wall outlet shelf firm enough to hold a wide range of items such as razors, hairdryers, smartphones, Electrical toothbrushes, speakers, Alexa, etc. The convenient shelf increases more space for the Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office keeping your countertop neater without taking much space. Moreover, it comes with efficient cable organizer slots that keep you away from the mess of the cable clutter.

Dimmable LED Night Light with Automated Sensor:
PowerRack comes with an integrated night light featuring the right amount of glare-free lighting that guides you in the dark. To make your space visible when you just back home or wake up in the middle of the night and the night light is proficiently engineered with sight sensitivity which protects your eyes and will not interfere in your sleep. Moreover, it has an automated light sensor that lightens up the LED understanding the need and requirements of the surrounding.

Multi-Level Brightness Control:
Adjust the brightness of the light according to the daylight and nighttime usage with the efficient brightness controller. It is better to lower the brightness at night so that it will not be too sharp for your eyes. You can also choose to get no light or brighter light than illumination night with its button-controlled brightness level.

Automatic Power Regulation to Safeguard your Devices:
Enjoy rapid charge and never worry about the safety of your devices. PowerRack features a built-in automatic voltage regulation that understands the device’s power requirements and distributes the fastest charges accordingly. It makes sure devices get maximum power and helps you attain durability and better performance of your devices.

Advanced Safety with Surge Protection:
By using the most efficient built-in smart charge technology, this innovative wall outlet extender is designed to keep your electronics and mobile devices protected from voltage spikes. The surge protection technology prevents damages from Over-Current, Over- Charge, and Short Circuit.

Travel-Ready Portable Design:
With a handy design fitted to the outlet, get rid of the messy cable clutter and a removable shelf design helps you frees up space by providing a lot of area to a variety of charging devices. Also, because of its portable travel-ready design, you can carry it easily in your backpack and charge up your number of devices wherever you are commuting.

Extensively Compatible:
PowerRack Outlet Extender with its dual AC Sockets and Dual 2.4A USB Ports is widely compatible with many devices. It can be widely used to charge computers, laptops, iPad, cell phones, printers, T.V, Fridge, Fan, Food Processor, Microwave, Office Electrical Appliance, Modems, Fax, routers, speakers, and other compatible devices.