Promate USB-C Wall Charger With 60W and 18W Dual USB-C PD Port and Dual 2.4A USB Port, CenterPort-2PD75

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Make your life easier with Promate’s fastest multi-device charging station which offers the capability of connecting 4 devices at one time and charging them simultaneously.  This amazing 60W multiport charging station comes with a sleek & compact design with built-in surge-protection to eliminate any fear of overcharging and overheating. Its total output of 75W is delivered through four ports that automatically detect the exact energy requirements of each connected device with its Automatic Voltage Regulation Technology. This charging station from Promate handles the input of 100V-240V to make it efficient for use wherever the user may need to be, making it a one-stop solution for all your power needs.

Features: Effortless Charge with 4 USB Ports Output: CenterPort-2PD75 multiple USB Charger converts a single outlet into a compact 4-dock charging station to charge up your number of devices and let you have ample desk space. It features 2*USB-C™ and 2*USB-A port for your various charging needs. Phenomenal Performance with USB-C™ Power Delivery: Unlike other low power USB charging stations, this amazing multi-charging station charges your devices 50% faster. It features one USB-C™ with 60W (Max) for your laptops and another USB-C™ with 18W (Max) Power Delivery with the maximum output of 75W to fulfill all your charging requirements conveniently and at blazing speed. Dual 2.4A USB for Optimal Charge: Experience fast, smart, and steady current with dual 2.4 USB A output for all your power-hungry devices like tablets and smartphones (up to 75W total). High-Efficiency One Power Source: We understand how much a task it can get to charge your 4 different devices with 4 different USB Ports with the main socket. So, keeping your needs in mind, CenterPort-2PD75 comes offering a single power source, allowing you to charge all your 4 devices fast and safely. Replacement of USB Type-C™ Laptop Charger: CenterPort-2PD75 is designed to provide a replacement USB-C™ charger for compatible laptops and tablets. It is compatible with most devices that charge over USB-C™ including Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, HP Spectre x360, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga, USB-C™ Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, S20 & S20+, Google Pixel & Pixel XL, and much more. Universal USB Port for Every Need: With 100-240-volt AC input voltage, the Universal Charging Station from Promate supports total output of 75W. It comes with two 2 USB-C™ Ports and 2 USB-A Ports, thus, ensuring optimum utilization along with saving space and time. Power Up Your Life with Simultaneous Charging Experience: Promate CenterPort-2PD75 eliminates the messy clutter at home and office with its simplified design. The charging station merges all your charging requirements into one coordinated charging location. With 4 USB Intelli-charging ports, Promate’s Universal Charging station can charge 4 devices simultaneously and much faster saving a lot of time and effort. Smart IC Charging Port: Each of the Promate CenterPort-2PD75 ports is powered by Smart IC (Intelligent Charging), which automatically identifies Apple, Android, and other devices to maximize charging speed. This guarantees your devices receive the correct amount of charge and allows multiple devices to be connected safely to the 4 port USB Charger. A Technology that Adjusts Voltage as Required: It understands to deliver the right amount of power to your connected device with its automatic voltage regulations. Perfectly Engineered to Guard Against Overheating and Overcharging: Promate’s multi-device charging station consists of a special built-in functionality that gives protection from over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuits. Designed Just for You: Sleek and Compact: Its compact and sleek design is elegant and quite easy to carry to the next room, next building, or while travelling to other countries. It's the perfect space-saving power station for your appliances and mobile devices. Versatile Compatibility with Multiple Device: Promate CenterPort-2PD75 is the Ideal multi-device charging station for your multiples USB-Powered devices including smartphones, laptops, iPhones, iPad, tablets, eReaders, Bluetooth speaker headsets, MP3 /MP4 player, and other USB compatible devices.