Promate Solar Panel LED Light, 3-In-1 Outdoor Bright 90lm LED Light with Solar Panel, Built-In FM Radio, 5W Wireless Speaker, 4400mAh Power Bank and USB Charging Port for Tent, Camping, Hiking, SolarTorch-1

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SolarTorch-1 is an all-in-one kit for all camping enthusiasts. It comes with a solar panel that lets you charge the battery even when you are away from a power outlet. It can be described as a rugged FM radio with a powerful 4400mAh backup battery and LED light. It offers countless features in one compact and lightweight package, making it an indispensable companion for overnight camping trips. Its super bright LED lights are powerful enough to use in the darkest environments, which means it truly is a one-stop solution for all your adventures.


Perfect Camping Kit:

SolarTorch-1 is a solar LED light which is the perfect kit for the camping. Use the Super Bright 90lm LED light which comes in 5 adjustable brightness levels to utilize the light as per needed along with powerful 4400mAh power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet, MP3 Player or GPS. Also, listen to your favourite radio station or to the latest weather forecast with its built-in FM Radio during your stay out in the great outdoors.

Super Bright LED Light:

SolarTorch-1 can illuminate as bright as 90lm LED light, powerful enough to use in the darkest environments or adjust the brightness to relax and enough to read just to increase usage time.

Emergency Power Bank with LED Indicator:

Built-in 4400mAh external battery pack power bank, with USB output port. It comes with LED indicator to show the level of charge to manage and plan your power which is enough to charge your smartphone., tablet, or any other USB powered devices at anywhere, anytime.

USB Charging Port for Emergency Uses:

USB Port allows you to charge your android mobile phone or other Android USB devices in emergency situations. The SolarTorch-1 built-in 4400mAh, charged by USB port (with built-in USB-cable), and the battery can also serve as a power bank for your smartphone or mobile devices in an emergency.

Environmentally Friendly:

SolarTorch-1 can be totally independent of any power grid with its efficient solar panel that transforms the solar energy into electricity which can be used to both charges your device to listen to FM Radio and light up the LED bulb during your night out in the campsite. SolarTorch-1 can leave zero impact on the environment.

Fully Functional FM Radio:

SolarTorch-1 comes with a built-in FM Radio receiver, a piece of technology that might come in handy when during in the great outdoors, listen to the weather forecast and keep updated to any incoming weather systems or just enjoy your favourite radio station around the campfire.

Big on Sound Easy on FM Channels:

The powerful 5-watt integrated FM Radio speaker ensures you have the best quality audio playback no matter where you are. Control the level of volume with a knob that turns the FM Radio off and blasts the volume all the way. Also, one button channel hopping makes it easier to search for your favourite FM Radio Channel.

Charge All Day, Shine All Night:

It takes to charge the SolarTorch-1 using the solar panel 10 hours to fully charge and you can enjoy a night full of light that lasts all nights on a full charge. Also, save energy by charging any micro-USB enabled devices such as smartphones, GPS devices, MP3 Players and cameras using the built-in power bank.

Portable Design:

SolarTorch-1 is designed to be very portable. With two handles, one hard handle that fits the grip of a hand and easy to point to any area like a fest and a light nylon strap that is easy to hang from inside a tent. The solar panel is slim and compact enough to fit in your bag it is super lightweight for maximum mobility. It is compact enough to toss in a bag whenever you want to go out.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

SolarTorch-1 is the perfect companion during your outdoor adventures, as long as there’s sun there will be SolarTorch-1. Take it with you during your adventures as well as indoors during the darkest times of long power cuts. Turn the darkest times to fully illuminated days. Ideal for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, such as camping tent, fishing, hiking, cooking, working, reading, emergency, chicken coops, shed kit and other indoor-outdoor activities etc.

Flexible illumination with 5 Level of Brightness:

SolarTorch-1 gives you 5 different levels of brightness to match your need of light and to minimize power wastage during unneeded brightness. Illuminate the darkest areas with full brightness or relax before sleep with the lowest brightness level and save power for more working ours that could reach up to 100 hours.

Smart Protection Chip and Handle Design:

This SolarTorch-1 light has fail-safes protects from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuit, guarantees safety in utilization. The SolarTorch-1 is good for offering gentle illumination, with a handle for holding with hands or hanging.

Widely Use:

Best deal for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, such as camping, cooking, working, reading, emergency. tent, fishing, hiking, chicken coops, shed kit and other indoor-outdoor activities etc.