Promate Power Strip with 10 AC Sockets, 3 USB Ports and 18W USB-C Power Delivery, PowerTower

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Charge multiple power-hungry devices quickly and simultaneously with PowerTower. It delivers a massive 3250W AC output that lets you use power-hungry devices like hairdryers, curlers, shavers, etc. Also, 3 USB charging ports and one fast-charging 18W USB-C charging port for your mobile phones. Now no need to worry about your appliances like T.V, Music Players, laptops, etc. as the power strip offers the highest protection from over-current, over-charge, and short circuit. All the outlets of the power strip are nicely spaced allowing it to be used most efficiently. Easy to use and safe in functioning, this extension board is just what you need, be it for your house or your office.


Heavy-Duty 14 in 1 Multi-functional Power Station:
Eliminate the use of multiple chargers, Now, charge up your 14 power-hungry devices like your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth speaker, etc. with Promate ultimate 3250W PowerTower. It supports an 18W USB-C Power Delivery Port, 3 Intellicharge USB Ports, and 10 AC Power Sockets with a total output power of 3250W. This powerful charger provides ultimate convenience and is the perfect addition to your home or workstation.

High-Speed Charging with 10 AC Power Sockets:
The incredible power strip offers 10 AC outlets providing a total power output of 3250W bringing high-speed charging to all your compatible devices at the same time. Supporting the input of AC 250V, these outlets are widely spaced allowing proper room for the other connecting plugs so that number of devices can be charged with convenience.

Superfast 18W USB-C Power Delivery Port:
The PowerTower comes loaded with the power-packed 18W USB-C Port with a remarkable 3A current and a max voltage of 5V, to charge your power-hungry devices at blazing fast speed. This exclusive feature charges your device 70% faster and helps you get more power anywhere anytime. The Power Delivery Port charges all the latest iPhone and other USB-C devices like iPhone 12/11/X series, iPad/iPad Pro series, Galaxy Note/S series, Pixel with maximum 18W power safely.

Expanded Power with Universal Smart 3 USB Charging Ports:
Charge any of your USB devices with smart IC technology that detects your plugged-in devices and provide them with the right amount of power with the perfect charging speed. This revolutionary power strip consists of 3 Intellicharge ports that adjust according to the device’s requirements by increasing and maintaining output accordingly.

Double Your Productivity with Simultaneous Charging:
Power up your life with just one compact and powerful PowerTower. It allows simultaneous use of its multiport i.e., 10 AC sockets, USB-C Power Delivery Port, and 3 Intellicharge USB Ports, so you can charge 14 different devices at the same time. You can enjoy simultaneous charging your cell phone, tablets, kindles, and other compatible devices.

Adaptive Fast Charging for Optimal Performance:
To optimize the charging efficacy and protect your devices from harmful power surges, Promate Power Strip is designed with an integrated adaptive charging technology that understands the device’s power requirements and distributes charging current accordingly. It makes sure your electric devices get fast speed charging around the safest environment.

All-Round Protection Technology:
The amazing power strip tower is skillfully created with surge protection technology to ensure complete protection for your devices from short circuits, over-heat, over-charging, over-current, and over-voltage. It safeguards your electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and power spikes by automatically shutting down the charging station.

Extremely Safe and Reliable with Fire-Retardant Material:
The Power Strip is made up of a fire-resistance PC shell with flame retardance, making it more durable and a long-lasting cable to use for your various devices.

Grounding System to Safeguard Devices:
Protect all your electrical devices with the in-built grounding safety system which in the event of a power surge redirects the electricity to the ground rather than the connected device.

Decluttering your Space with Vertical Design:
Avoid facing any clutter or chaos of multiple device chargers by plugging all your devices into this one, multi-port charger, PowerTower. Its column design allocates perfectly wide-spaced plugs on sides helping you to charge conveniently. The upright tower shape makes it easy to hold 10 AC outlets, 1 Power Delivery Port, and 3 USB ports so that this compact charging tower can expand 1 wall outlet into 14 and keeping your desktop tidier without those messy power cables.

Long and Sturdy 3 Meter Cable:
The extension cord of the power strip surge protector is measured at 3 Meters long, sufficient to suit your daily needs. Whether the desktop power strip is on the desktop or the floor, it can organize your data cable neatly. Moreover, it is thick and has a better current carrying capacity for a smooth charging experience.

Easy Power Control at Your Fingertips:
Now conveniently use every AC Socket with a built-in power button, which helps in transferring the right amount of power in the connected AC Socket. With the power button positioned right at the top of the vertical tower, you can now easily turn your devices on or off with a simple tap.

Perfectly Portable:
The USB-C Power Strip helps you get rid of tangling cords and cable clutter. With its portable design, it allows you to securely install it as a power extension for various applications wherever you are working including home, dorm, and office, etc. For different day to day charging needs, this product is simply perfect.

Widely Compatible:
Whether it is in the office or at home, PowerTower is the one-stop charging solution for all your devices. It can be widely used to charge computers, laptops, iPad, cell phones, printers, T.V, Fridge, Fan, Food Processor, Microwave, Office Electrical Appliance, Modems, Fax, routers, speakers, and other compatible devices.