Promate Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Gaming Laptop Cooling Stand with Ventilated Metal Mesh Surface, Adjustable Height, LCD Display Screen, Built-In Controls, Smart RGB LED Lights and Dual USB Ports for Laptops up to 17 Inches, Arctic

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Make gaming comfortable and performance-driven with this portable gaming cooling pad featuring rainbow color LED lights. With 7 adjustable height settings and fan speed controller, bring out the best in you with ultimate convenience. Arctic features two USB ports, which is used to power the cooling pad and also connect other USB-powered devices. With up to 800 revolutions per minute, the cooling pad ensures your laptop never heats up. The ergonomically designed gaming cooling pad is compatible with laptops up to 17”. Time to take your gaming to the next level with the Arctic.


Superior Cooling Performance:
Play games for hours without worrying about overheating your laptop and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. Arctic features a powerful 800RPM cooling fan that lets you bring out the best performance from your laptop with optimized heat dissipation using a mesh metallic vent for maximum cooling performance.

Silent and Optimized Ventilation:
A powerful 180mm cooling fan is placed underneath the metallic mesh surface that makes direct contact with your laptop, which allows for optimal air ventilation and heat dissipation. Giving you cool performance while staying whisper quiet at 22dB with the maximum fan speed setting available.

Ergonomic Multi-Level Comfort:
The cooling stand has 7 different levels of adjustments available for your posture and ergonomic comfort. Change the height as you move around different surfaces and heights and reduce back fatigue while getting the most out of your laptop.

LCD Screen with Built-In Controller:
Arctic has a built-in controller with an LCD screen indicator that is located conveniently towards the front of the cooler underneath the mesh surface, giving you effortless access to turn on the cooling fan, change your fan’s speeds or cycle through the RGB color modes.

Adjustable RGB Lighting:
Set the environment to your liking with adjustable colorful RGB LEDs that are found around the cooling pad. Adjust the RGB mode by cycling through the different colors and animation combinations by using the on-board controller.

Variable Fan Speed Controller:
Change your fan’s speed on the fly to match your laptop’s needs by using the fan controller that offers 6 different RPMs for the fan to spin at, with the maximum possible speed reaching 800 RPM.

Powerful Heat Dissipation:
The mesh panel that’s placed above the fan absorbs heat and dissipates it away efficiently while blowing away any hot temperatures. Keep your laptop cool to the touch without the discomfort of a warm surface.

Dual High-Speed USB Ports:
The gaming cooling pad features dual high-speed USB ports that offer both power and data delivery. One port is used for powering the pad, whereas the other can be used to connect devices such as phones, hard drives, keyboards and other USB devices.

Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip:
Arctic is equipped with rubberized feet under the cooling stand, as well as under the height adjustment feet. This design provides a sturdy structure to hold your laptop safely on any surface you choose to place the laptop cooling stand on.

Take It Wherever You Go:
Despite its compact and portable form factor, Arctic can fit up to 17” laptops comfortably with full ventilation available. Get started instantly with an effortless locking mechanism and anti-slip stoppers that simply unclip into place so you can game straight away.

Supports Up To 17” Laptops:
Game anywhere with even the bulkiest laptops as this cooling pad supports up to 17” laptops. It provides impressive cooling for the small and the big laptops while maintaining stability with the non-slip surface.

USB Plug and Play Convenience:
Requiring absolutely no drivers, Arctic provides sufficient cooling to your laptop and takes all the power it needs from a single USB connection without any further hassle of external power sources.