Promate Laptop Cooling Pad, Ergonomic Superior Cooling Gaming Laptop Stand up to 17 inches with Multi-Level Height, Quiet Fan, Dual USB Port, Smart LED Illumination and Built-In Smartphone/Tablet Holder for Laptops Smartphones, Tablet, FrostBase

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Keep your laptop’s performance in-check while gaming or performing any other task with FrostBase. The smart cooling laptop stand features a powerful fan that keeps your laptop cool no matter what processes are going on. With 7 height adjusting options, FrostBase offers the best viewing angle for prolonged usage. The illuminating LED lights add to the décor and complete the gaming aura that most gamers look for. The sturdy, unique construction offers extra space to the users while being compatible with laptops up to 17”.


Ergonomic Comfort Cooling Pad:
The Promate FrostBase complements your laptop perfectly, while the fan design is the ideal way to keep your laptop cool while you work. Just rest your laptop on the stand, plug the USB-A adapter in and the heat will dissipate from your laptop within seconds.

Superior Quiet Cooling Solution:
This gaming laptop stand features a powerful fan that is capable of keeping your laptop from overheating, and it also ensures noise-free performance. The airflow of the fan supplies the laptop with cool air while staying very quiet in the process.

Designed for Gamers:
Proper viewing and typing angles can mean the difference between being fully comfortable during a long firefight or bowing out due to pains. Severn height adjustment settings provide the best viewing angle and relieve stress to your eyes and wrist. Play your favorite games with a dependable cooling solution and push your laptop to the limit with the best possible performance and come out on top without worrying about any performance loss.

Vibrant RGB LED Light:
The cooling stand features colorful RGB lights around the fan that provide rainbow ambient light which compliments both the area around it and the laptop itself as it cycles through the different colors it offers.

Powerful 1000 RPM Fan:
Keeping your laptop cool when gaming is a powerful single fan that runs as high as 1000 revolutions per minute. This design provides a well-balanced distribution of airflow to all parts of your laptop rather than a multi-fan setup.

Ideal Viewing and Typing Angle:
The uniquely designed stand allows you to adjust your viewing angles as well as improve your typing experience by providing you with 7 different height adjustments for the perfect match for your eye level.

Built-in Stand for your Smartphone or Tablet:
Multi-functional design can be used for Laptop Stand, Tablet Stand and also Smartphone Stand. This stand offers a way to rest your phone and tablet with a Multi-Function Laptop Cooling Stand design that emphasizes the sleek contours of your device.

Dual USB Ports:
To ensure you don't lose the use of a USB port, the cooling pad features two ports where one can be used to connect your smartphone, keyboard and other USB devices, whilst the other port powers the charging pad.

More Than A Laptop Stand:
The stylish design lets you keep your smartphone for hands-free usage with an additional accessory storage space under the cooling pad to store different accessories.

7 Level Adjustable Height:
With up to 7 different heights to use, you will be able to fully customize the viewing and typing experience to match your setup. This design also allows for better ergonomics for your posture and back without any discomfort.

Built for Comfort and Portability:
The laptop cooling stand can sit on almost any surface, or even your lap while remaining very comfortable and stable. It’s also built with portability in mind, as it can easily take this cooling pad with you anywhere you go.

Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip:
FrostBase is equipped with rubberized feet under the cooling stand, as well as under the height adjustment feet. This design provides a sturdy structure to hold your laptop safely on any surface you choose to place the laptop cooling stand on.

Supports Up To 17” Laptops:
Game anywhere with even the bulkiest laptops as this cooling pad supports up to 17” laptops. It provides impressive cooling for the small and the big laptops while maintaining stability with the non-slip surface.

USB Plug and Play Convenience:
Requiring absolutely no drivers, FrostBase provides sufficient cooling to your laptop and takes all the power it needs from a single USB connection without any further hassle of external power sources.