Promate Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart BMI Digital Bathroom Weight Scale and 12 Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App for Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Water Percentage, BMR and More, iScale

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Time to stay determined to achieve fitness goals with Promate iScale: a True Body analyzer that tracks data of all your body parameters easily. With iScale Smart Body Fat Scale, you can collect, check and track accurate measurements of 12 essential body compositions, such as Weight, Fat, BMI, protein, BMR, Muscle Weight, Water Percentage, and more. The device features four high-precision sensors for accurate data and an LCD display for easy reading. Now, Go get a complete picture of your health with iScale.


Track your Health Daily:
To get a better sense of your health, Promate iScale is here to give you an overview of your body and track subtle changes of body compositions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Acting as your true personal health management companion, It keeps a track of your 12 different body analysis stats so that you live an aware healthy life.

Dedicated Smartphone App:
To get started, simply install the “PromateLife” app on your Smartphone by scanning the QR code on the manual or searching in App Store or Google Play Store. To proceed, follow the instructions steps on the manual and connect the scale with your phone. Your respective evaluation will update on your app after you step on the scale for 10-15 seconds.

12 Essential Body Measurements:
It is not just about finding out your weight, rediscover your whole body with iScale. The smart built-in algorithm helps you find out 12 different body analyses including Standard Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Weight, Water Percentage, Weight Without Fat, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Protein Percentage, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age, and Body Type, respectively.

High-Precision Accurate Sensors:
Promate iScale features four highly accurate sensors that ensure results that you can trust. With an integrated super sensitive system, this weighing scale displays accurate and reliable body composition readings so that you can work towards the betterment of your health.

Instant Connect via Bluetooth:
All your evaluated health data is synchronized more conveniently and efficiently to your mobile phone with instant Bluetooth connectivity. Fast wireless data transfer with Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to view your assessments in seconds and is saved for you to check anytime, anywhere.

Designed for Multiple Users:
The digital scale helps to create a truly smart life with several users. iScale allows you to create multiple member profiles to seamlessly track different users be it your friends and family. The digital body weight scale allows every member of the family to keep an eye on their body metrics and work towards improvement.

Built-In LCD Display:
The high-contrast display features a large, easy-to-read font so that you can view your body metrics easily. A self-illuminated display provides a clear readout at any angle and even around dim locations.

Stylish Sturdy Design:
The Promate smart scale is not only a modern analytical tool, but it is also stylish. The surface is made from tempered glass, with electromagnetic plates that add up sophistication to its sleek design, along with a vivid LCD display. The underside consists of four solid non-slip feet and rounded corners with no sharp edges for the complete safety of the user and stability of the platform.

Low Power Consumption:
Stop reaching for the batteries more often. With built-in smart sleep functionality, Promate iScale will automatically go into a power-saving sleep mode whenever it is not being used.

Efficiently Powered by AAA Batteries:
No need to install complicated software, drivers, or frequent plugging, the Bluetooth scale requires only AAA Batteries to power up and work efficiently for longer use