Promate Apple AirPods Case, Stylish Semi-Body Soft Slim Fit Silicone AirPods Cover with Secure Lid Strap, Shockproof Protection and Quick-Snap Carabiner Access for Apple AirPods and AirPods 2, VeilCase Pink

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Vendor:Promate Technologies

Fashionable yet protective, Veilcase, a Shock Proof Secure Airpod Case with Quick-Snap Hook. Veicase has a unique semi-body coverage that lets you remove or put back the top case with ease. Stay in vogue with VeilCase


Optimum Protection:
Made out of super-strength silicone AirPods case cover protects your Apple headphones from dirt, dust and other pesky particles when stored in a standard AirPods docking station box.

High Premium Silicone:
Airpods case is made of high-quality silicone material. It is durable, smooth and does not age. It leaves no fingerprints, anti-fall and 100% dust-proof.

Semi Body Coverage with Secure Lid Strap:
A unique semi-body coverage that lets you remove or put back the top case easily. This unique design silicone Case comes with Secure Lid Strap, which allows you to lock and unlock your Lid according to your need and comfort.

Shockproof and Anti-Slip Gripper:
The heavy-duty, 3mm extra thick silicone effectively absorbs shock when dropped, therefore protecting your AirPods from impact. Each case comes with a slip-proof grip for safely grab the AirPods holder.

Precision Fit Craftsmanship:
We've designed this silicone charging case cover to a precise fit without the bulkiness, therefore maintaining the portability, functionality & fashionable appearance of your AirPods charging dock.

Detachable Carabiner Hook:
Each AirPods case is equipped with a metal carabiner clip, letting you convert your AirPods holder into an AirPods keychain case! convenient to attach the AirPod pouch to a handbag or backpack.

Impact-Resistant Silicone Prevents Scratches:
The Promate AirPods case is constructed using high-quality flexible silicone which adds superior scratch and buff resistance to your AirPods and their case. You won't need to worry about carrying your earphones in your backpack, handbag or pocket again.

Perfected with a Cable Port:
No need to remove the silicone Airpods protector to charge your earbuds! The Airpods skin features a cutout port that allows you to charge your earphones without removing the cover. (Airpods and charging case are NOT included)

Adds No Extra Bulk:
The slimline, sleek material used in the manufacturing of this silicone case ensures you'll barely even notice the difference once applied to your AirPods - that is, until a wayward key or coin brushes the case and you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your AirPods haven't suffered any damage.