Promate AC Vent Phone Holder, Universal Air Vent Magnetic Holder with Quick Clip Mounting, Secure Vent Grip, Anti-Slip and 360 Degree Rotation Phone Car Mount for Smartphones, GPS, AirGrip-3 Red

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Keep your device secure while driving with this universal stick-on-vent magnetic holder. The easy-to-use 360-degree magnetic mount provides hands-free convenience and the most robust magnetic grip so that your device stays in place. The magnetic holder mounts to your car’s AC vent effortlessly. Just stick your go-to device to the magnetic holder, and you are ready to go.


Strong and Tight Magnetism:
Promate’s new universal magnetic stick-on vent holder uses strong magnets embedded as the core components in the reinforced body of the mount to achieve more powerful and durable magnetic attraction. They will hold your phone firmly on the phone holder, avoiding falling or damaging your phone.

Sturdy Air Vent Mounting:
Anti-shake L type clip of the car holder supports sturdy mounting, not fall off even in turns, bumps, brakes or fast speed. Suitable for most air vent outlet type, compatible for different vehicles, such as cars, SUV, trucks, and soft silicone pad protects air vent outlet from scratches.

One-Hand Operation:
Easy one-step to install the car holder on the air vent and convenient to place or take off your phone from the holder with a single hand. And support horizontal and vertical viewing, real hands-free operation, enjoy the safer driving trip.

L-Type Layout:
Makes the magnetic phone holder easy to operate with one hand. The small factor reduces airflow obstruction from the car vents. Minimalist design seamless integrates the vent cell holder in any car interior.

Powerful Magnetic Metal Plates:
With the powerful magnet plates that come with the AirGrip-3, you will have a very secure way of mounting your device in your car. Either by sticking the metal plate directly on your device or case or by having the metal plate behind your case as well.

Use on Any Case:
Your phone will grip to the air vent mount very easily regardless of your phone’s case size or density by utilizing powerful directional magnetic force that will pass through the material whether it was plastic, rubber or silicon.

Anti-Distracted Driving:
Using the air vents available in your car, not only is it convenient but it’s also safer as it doesn’t get in your way when driving. You will be able to drive safely without anything interfering with your field of view.

Extremely Secure Vent Grip:
AirGrip-3 uses an extremely secure mechanism utilizing silicon and strong plastic that latches on to your car’s air vent and grips securely, this will hold it in place, leaving no wiggle room for any accidents.

360° Rotation Freedom:
With a full 360-degree rotation, you will get the best viewing experience for any angle, while ensuring full stability and accommodating different uses for your smartphone. Whether it was map navigation, listening to music or charging your device.

Hands-Free Freedom:
Simply insert the mount into your AC vent and enjoy a fully hands-free experience with modern-day assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa, while still being able to see the screen clearly in a convenient position.