Professor Puzzle SOCIAL BINGO - The Original Social Media Bingo Game Set, Fun Social InterActive Party Game, Get Ready to Blush with This Outrageous Modern Bingo Party Game by Looney Goose

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Calling all party game enthusiasts. Social Bingo by Looney Goose - The original social media bingo party game. 2-10 Players, 17 +. Unlock your phone and be ready to blush with this outrageous social media bingo game. Set contains: 10 Bingo boards, 200 cards, 60 counters, handy storage bag and instructions. Take turns to read out the bingo cards with statements such as ‘You have over fifty matches on a dating app”. If you have that matching icon and you are able to prove the statement you can mark that icon off your board. One of Looney Goose’s interactive family games / party games for kids and adults games night.