Principles of Advertising and Imc

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"Principles of Advertising & IMC, 2/e" by Tom Duncan explains the principles and practices of advertising and the other marketing communication functions within an integrated context complete with an integrated planning process. Duncan's text presents the new ways companies communicate with business-savvy customers. It also shows how and why top management demands accountability of how advertising and promotion dollars are spent. "Principles of Advertising & IMC" provides students with a basic understanding of all the major marketing communication functions, the major media alternatives, and the processes for integrating these activities in the most effective and efficient way in order to develop long-term, profitable customer relationships that build brands and create brand equity. Based on feedback from reviewers, author Tom Duncan has increased the 2nd Edition coverage of key advertising concepts (like channel marketing, customer service, direct response and personal selling) to ensure a well-rounded approach to the Principles of Advertising course.
AdSim is an Advertising Simulation set in the consumer electronics industry where students are required to make decisions about agency selection; brand positioning and messages; media selection, including traditional and non-traditional; market research, both ordering and interpreting; and budgeting. This simulation, created by SmartSims, provides a highly engaging means of developing a real understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals and dynamics of communications, advertising and promotion in business. AdSim challenges students to apply recently learned concepts, principles and explained practices in development of overall communications, advertising and promotion campaigns, whether against the computer in the Single-Player version or in direct competition with their peers in the Multi-Player version. "AdSim for Duncan" incorporates an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach as promulgated in "Principles of Advertising and IMC, 2/e" by Tom Duncan. "AdSim for Duncan" has been modeled on the contemporary US digital camera market.
Using this simulation, students will develop: a better understanding of how to implement an IMC approach in the development of an overall advertising and promotion plan; insights into selecting different media for specific communications goals and target markets while being constrained by a fixed budget; insights into the influence of brand awareness and the importance of on-going measurement; a better understanding of implementing promotion campaigns for existing customers, including the use of customer relationship management (CRM) applications; and, a critical decision-making and team participation skills in an interactive learning environment.