Philips Digital Air Frayer HD9260 Black

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Great-Tasting Fries With Up To 90% Less Fat!*
7 Times Faster Airflow For Crispier Results*

The Original Airfryer With 7 Times Faster Airflow*
The Philips Airfryer Combines A “Starfish” Bottom Design With Fast Circulating Superheated Air, Resulting In Optimal Heat Distribution. This Unique Combination Allows The Airfryer To Cook A Variety Of Foods To A Delicious, Crispy Result With Little Or No Added Oil.

Fry With Up To 90% Less Fat
Air Is The New Oil! Philips Airfryer Xl Uses Hot Air To Cook Your Favorite Foods To A Crispy Perfection With Upto 90% Less Fat.*

Delicious Crispier Results
Philips’ Rapid Air Technology Creates 7x Faster Airflow For Deliciously Crispy Results**. Enjoy Healthier And Tasty Snacks And Meals That Are Crisped To Perfection Yet Tender On The Inside.