Optimum Pro Gainer - Double Chocolate - 10.16 lbs

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Weight gainers might share the same range of calories they provide you with, but what these calories are based on makes a huge difference between them. Optimum Pro Gainer is unlike any other weight gainer you have known, because it delivers high percentage form calories that are protein-based, instead of containing loads of sugars and fat. Allowing you to gain muscle and weight mass with the best ingredients of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers, digestive enzymes and essential minerals, Optimum Pro Gainer will make sure you are bulking up and gaining muscle mass not fat.

Whey, eggs and casein, are all premium muscle-building protein sources that Optimum Pro Gainer powder holds together in a high quality protein blend, that is easily digested and absorbed by your body, and also assist with muscle recovery.
In order to prevent your body from burning proteins into fuel, Optimum Pro Gainer powder contains complex carbohydrates and oils to do so. Experience increased lean muscle mass and bulk up using the right ingredients at the right amounts with the expert: Optimum Pro Gainer powder!

  • 650 calories, 60g of protein blend and 85g of carbohydrates per serving
  • Weigh gainer powder that mixes easily, and is perfect post workout or between meals
  • Contains vitamins and essential minerals to help the body process proteins effectively
  • Weight gainer with over 650 calories to gain quality mass
  • 60g of high quality protein blend that supports muscle mass
  • 85g of carbohydrates to boost energy for stronger performance
  • 24g of vitamins and minerals, and 5g of fibers per serving

Shaker cup: Add 1 heaping scoop of PRO Gainer™ to 16 oz of cold water and shake until thoroughly dissolved.
Tip: Using milk will add additional calories, carbs and proteins to the nutrient profile of your gainer shake.
You can also stack your shake with creatine and other size-supporting supplements.
Electric blender: By using an electric blender, you can turn your gainer shake into a nutrient-dense mini-meal. Add in fresh or frozen fruit, peanut butter, nuts, seeds and size-supporting supplements.
Tip: Adding a couple of ice cubes can improve the consistency of your shake.