NutriBullet - Nutricook Digital Kitchen Scale Eko, NC-KSE5

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The Nutricook Digital Kitchen Scale Eko features a handy tare function to easily measure ingredients in a dish, allowing you to cut down on prep time. Designed with a smooth stainless steel surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. This scale's slim design makes it easy to store while maintaining the durability to withstand up to 5kg

Key Features:
  • 4 Precision Weighing Sensors
  • Switch Between Grams, Pounds & Ounces, Fluid Ounces, And Millilitres
  • Auto Shut Off And Auto Calibrate
  • Tare/Zero Function

Tare Function
Tare function allows you to weigh smaller ingredients and liquids inside a bowl/tray.

Multiple Units
Multiple measuring units allow you to weigh liquids, solids, and everything in between.

Accurate Operation
Built-in four high-precision load sensor for precise measurements.

Easy To Clean
Stainless Steel Finish for easy to wipe clean with dry towel or damp cloth.

Perfectly Portioned Meals
The perfect meal prep companion for those who are watching their calorie intake or eating towards a healthier living.