Promate - Motion Sensor Light, Outdoor Wireless Battery Powered LED Ultra-Bright Spotlight with IP65 Water-Resistant, 100 Lumens and Wall Mount Kit for Back Yard, Garden, Driveway, MotionTorch

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This 100lm bright LED flood light has a PIR detection range of 5-10 meters and will illuminate for 15-60 seconds as selected, once motion has been detected. With an IP65 rating, MotionTorch is rated for long-term outdoor use and is fully weather-resistant. Secure your home with MotionTorch.


Motion-Sensitive Security Light for Any External Area:
Built-in PIR motion sensor technology ensures that the light will activate each time movement is detected by the sensor - up to a range of about 5m-10m, so you won't even need to press a single switch. The effect is pleasing and VIP-like as your path is illuminated and it will certainly deter any would-be intruders.

Bright LED:
The LED spotlight provides 100 lumens of light for bright light around your home and yard. Expect about 1 year of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8-10 activations a day. The adjustable head allows you to focus the light wherever you need it to increase safety.

Ideal for Outdoor Use:
This light is designed for outdoor use with very little or no maintenance. This also makes sense as it's Battery powered. There's nothing to stop you using it indoors too, but as it is intended for outdoor use primarily, it has been rated IP65. This means the weather will not affect it at all.

IP65 Water-Resistant and Dust-Proof:
The high water-Resistant rating of IP65, it could even withstand in the rain and other weather condition. Tight seals and weather-resistant materials allow a Promate MotionTorch to work in all weather conditions.

Motion Activation with Auto Shut Off:
The wireless security spotlight turns on when it detects motion within 5m-10m in the dark. It automatically turns off 20 seconds after the motion stops to prolong battery life.

Completely Wireless with No Trailing Cables:
The LED Security Sensor Light is totally reliant on it's 4 replaceable Type D battery, so there's no need to find a spare mains socket or run an annoying extension cable to your preferred location.

Passive Infrared Sensor Constantly and Efficiently Detects Movement:
The Motion Sensor Security Light from Promate features a passive infrared sensor, which is constantly scanning for movement. When motion is detected, the light will instantly switch on and stay on for 15 seconds after movement has ceased, then blink off as soon as that period elapses. The motion sensor hardly uses any battery power, though - this is an efficient and convenient lighting solution.

Fully Adjustable:
The spotlight mounting base can rotate 360 degrees, the light head can swing back-forth 150 degrees. The light head is detachable to be used as a portable light.

Wireless Installation:
The Promate MotionTorch operates on 4 replaceable Type D batteries, which means they install anywhere without wiring, including doorways, trees, sheds, garages, porches, decks and fences. Installation takes about 5 minutes with the included screws.

Wide Application:
No wire, you can install anywhere, in your house, garage, fences, storage rooms, porch, entryway, patio and dimly lit corners or even a tree.