Max Strength Proffessional Battle Rope 9Mtr X 50mm Strength Training Training Undulation Fitness Exercise

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Widely applicable for CrossFit, physical school, runners, boxers and sporting fans Optional: available for physical ranges with various rope lengths and diameters Benefits

Good for burning calories and fat material: 100 percent polypropylene and polyester, can not fray or leave fabrics on the surface, wear-resistant and robust, high tensile strength. Helps create abs, arm & core reinforcement. Quick to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help to preserve its form, secure your hands and help you get better fees for sports training


Key Feature

  • DURABLE & 100% SAFE: Constructed by high-density poly Dacron, our battle ropes are wear-resistant and deformation-proof throughout years; odourless & environmental-friendly materials emphasize your health than anything.
  • STURDY & VERSATILE: 3-strand twisted design keeps our battle ropes from getting loose even after years of use; black ropes always stay stain-free, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • ANTI-SKID COAT: Thickened rubber coat on rope end provides anti-skid and soft hands feelings, so the rope won’t slip out of your hands easily even if you sweat a lot.
  • VARIOUS BATTLE ROPE WORKOUT TO DO: Users can achieve grappler throws, Burpee slams, alternate wave/lateral lunge combo, single-arm plank waves, double wave/jump squat combo, etc. with our battle ropes, which helps you get a killer conditioning workout and tone your abs, arms, shoulders as well as enhance your body flexibility and coordination.
  • Widely applicable: for CrossFit, fitness training, athlete, boxer and sport-lover Optional: available in varied rope length and diameter for fitness levels Benefits: Helps build for abs, arm & core strengthening; Great for Burning Calories and Fat Material: 100% Polypropylene and Polyester, won't fray or leave fibres on the floor, wear-resistant and durable, high tensile strength. Easy to Grip: Heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape, Protect your hands and help you obtain better sports training