Max Strength- Head Guard Boxing Headguard MMA Headguard Martial arts Headgear for Protection & Training, Black, Medium

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SUPERIOR DESIGN: The unconventional - but very intentional - facial design of the Max Strength doesn't sacrifice protection in order to provide some of the best visibility on the market DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Max Strength headgear has been professionally engineered to absorb punishment- something that it does with a lot of passion! Besides durability, this synthetic leather material feels great both on the outside and inside and also does a good job of keeping your head cool.

  • UPERIOR Quality- The condensed shock absorbent foam, protects the head in the areas most at risk while sparring. The compressed foam maintains extremely high levels of protection throughout the Head Guard while enabling the athlete to train effectively.
  • SWEAT ABSORBING AND NON-SLIP INNER LINING – This boxing headgear offers a snug fit, with a porous inner material that prevents sweating so you can wear martial arts headgear for long.
  • MULTI LAYERED FOAM PADDING - This sparring boxing head guard is built to maximise protection for you so you don't have to excessively worry about your opponent's punches hurting you.
  • RELIABLE- The head Guard secure it in place so it doesn't move or come off during training. This is an easy to use, effective, and more so durable protective boxing helmet/kickboxing headgear.