Max Strength- 1 Kg. Dumbbell Soft Grip Neoprene Bone Shape Dumbbells' Set of 2 Pcs Random Color

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Helps you run different muscle groups using different weights Perfect support while stretching and hanging Made of neoprene for durability.

Key Feature

  • Neoprene covered cast iron soft touch weights - Very comfortable to use
  •  Easy to grip & will not mark or scratch your floor - Ideal for home workouts and exercise classes
  • Premium Quality: neoprene dumbbells are the most robust & comfortable dumbbells. Manufactured using solid cast iron inside and covered by phthalate free neoprene. Safe for your health and environment. Smooth and anti-skid surface offers easy grip and secure hold.
  • Patented Bone Shape Design: This unique bone shape soft dumbbell is a patented design Max Strength dumbbells & hand weights are high quality products, so don’t confuse them with other non-patented products available in market. Suitable for all. Can be used indoor/outdoor.
  • Versatile: These neoprene dumbbells help you with muscle toning, lean and fit body shape. Variety of exercises including biceps, triceps, cardio, physio, lunges, squats and many more can be done using these Max Strength dumbbells. Perfect to improve stamina, strength, muscle mass, overall health, weight management & body balance etc.