Max Strength Multi Funchtion Abdominal, Cardio, Home Trainer,Foldable AB & Sit-up Bench Vertical, Sturdy AB,Round Waist Trainer, Power Plank Cruncher

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  • [Abdominal Trainer]Only five minutes a day to reach your target.The multifunctional training device keeps your training as flexible as your body should be. The ab trainer can be easily erected and folded away at home and, with its upholstered knee and hand rests, it guarantees relaxed and safe training. Furthermore, the trainer makes it possible to train in small spaces and can be simply folded away and stored for instance behind the door or in a cupboard.
  • [Quick and effective training]Many people particularly like well trained and visible tummy muscles. Usually, training the tummy muscles is more difficult than training the arms or the legs. As the muscle fibres in the tummy are thinner than in the limbs, these zones require more intense stimuli to be stengthened. There is also often, particularly in less trained people, a layer of fat over the muscles. The targeted exercises that are possible with the Fitness Power Abdominal Trainer are very eff
  • [The individually adjustable home trainer]Depending on requirements and degree of fitness, one of four different levels of difficulty can be selected. During this, you train nearly all groups of muscles at the same time: tummy, legs, back and bum. Due to its unique construction and its combination of Yoga and strength training, provides increased endurance - and muscle power - already after only five minutes of daily training. With this, long-term excessive fat can be burned and nothing is left
  • [Health is the most important] In addition to well-being Health is the most important aspect as far as your own body is concerned. Therefore, it is advisable, to stay fit through healthy nutrition and regular training. Then your musculo-skeletal system remains functional, or the bodily performance can be increased if required, for instance if muscles must be built-up.
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