Max Strength-14kg Coated prfessional Kettle Bell Weights for UNISEX - Solid Cast Iron Weights with Special Protective Bottom, (Random Color)

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Targeted Group : Unisex Color : Multi Color Type : Kettle bell Brand : Max Strength

  • ❤ The kettlebell is made entirely of cast iron, protective vinyl shell,stably placed without damaging the floor .
  • ❤ Large handles and flat base, improve the grip and control in various sports and movements.
  • ❤ Small size, beautiful colors, space saving, very suitable for use in the gym or home and easy to carry.
  • ❤ Great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time, helps develop strength, power, endurance and balance.
  • ❤ Kettlebell training is perfect for building muscle, honing functional strength and athletic endurance through a variety of compound movements targeting major muscle groups and activation twitch muscle fibres
Technical Details
Brand Max Strength
Manufacturer Max Strength