Manual Orange and Pomegranate Juicer

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HEAVY DUTY FRUIT PRESS: lemon squeezer made Durable zinc alloy construction and Plastic gives. long life and prevents rusting, Withstands use in commercial establishments. Handle doesn't bend when squeezing large lemons, Uses leverage and gravity to get the job done with little effort. Deliver maximum pressure.
Save your time - Pp5 food grade plastic liner, antibacterial, keep juice from pollution - healthier! After a few moments, this citrus press can be completely 360° clean!
Extra Large Bowl can handle whole lemon and lime, put it all in, single press and done; No need to slice the fruit in half anymore
Keep Healthy -- Vitamin C is essential for us. How to quickly get Vitamin C? Using this citrus press squeezer, simply wash your lemon, lime, grapefruits, cut them in one quarter, place the lemon down into and squeeze citrus juicer, then you can enjoy fresh fruit juice!