Knight Shot Football Trainer Belt Black Yellow | 2.2mm Neoprene

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The Knight Shot Football Trainer Belt gives players the touches they need to master ball control, develop proper passing and shooting techniques, and improve receiving. Maximize your training by minimizing ball chasing. Fits most players and securely holds size 3, 4 and 5 Footballs.

Maximize touches without chasing the ball
Improve passing control and accuracy
Improve goalie skills (punting, reflexes, and more)
Adjustable neoprene ball glove – Fits ball sizes 3, 4, and 5
High quality adjustable cord stretches up to 2-5 meters
Durable tethered waistband (fits most sizes)
Adjustable belt with fastener tape fits most athletes.
Ball sleeve and belt turns your ball into a solo kick and return trainer
Stretch your football training to the limit without chasing the ball.
No matter what position you play, from defense to midfield, this soccer training aid will help you advance your game.
Made for all ages, all levels, and all players to improve their skill.

Material: 2.2mm Neoprene, SBR rubber
Weight: 118g
Color: black
Size: about 2 meters in length, can be extended to 2-5 meters
Package: Zipper bag with instruction

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