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Look who's making a house call at the Rainbow Kindi! With a gentle touch as soft as marshmallow, Marsha Mello loves to care for her friends and help them feel better. Now you can both dress up and play doctors with your own matching Doctor's coat with the Kindi Kids Doctor's Dress Up Set! This fantastic set comes with your own Shopkins Stethoscope and a "Press & Play" syringe for you to give your Kindi Kids and friends a check up! Marsha Mello comes to life as her head wobbles and bobbles. She has big glittery eyes and changeable clothes and shoes! Your patients will be feeling "Wobbly Bobbly" great in no time!

Product Features

Dress Up Just Like Dr. Marsha Mello! Now your child can dress up in their own matching Doctor's Coat to look just like Marsha Mello! This fabulous set includes a child sized wearable Doctor's Coat plus two exclusive Shopkins! Help Marsha play Doctors and treat the other Kindi Kids!
Wear Your Own Shopkins Stethoscope With Your Doctor's Coat! Your child-sized wearable Doctor's Coat looks exactly like Dr. Marsha Mellos! Pretend and play with Marsha and give your Kindi Kids a Check up by using your own Shopkins Stethoscope! The Stethoscope fits around your neck and gently sit in your ears when they are treating their patient!
Treat Your Patients With The "Press & Play" Syringe Treat your Kindi Kids and help them get better by giving them a shot with the "Press & Play" Syringe! Press the end of the toy Syringe to give your patient a dose of medicine and see your Shopkins Syringe's face change!
Look just Like Doctor Marsha Mello! Your Doctor's Coat looks just like the Doctor's Coat Marsha Mello is wearing. With a matching star pattern on the collar and Shopkins printed on the front of the coat, you andMarsha will look like a fantastic medical team as you treat all your Kindi Kids to make them feel "Wobbly Bobbly" great in no time!
Marsha Is Wobbly, Bobbly And Full Of Life! Marsha Mello comes in an exclusive Doctor's outfit that matches her colorful rainbow hair. She comes to life as her head wobbles and bobbles. She has big glittery eyes and changeable clothes and shoes! Marsha is the perfect friend to play and pretend with!