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Achieve insta-worthy jewelry designs with Jelli Rez: Create one-of-a-kind necklace, rings and hair clips in only 15 minutes with an easy 3-step process - mix the jel compounds together with sparkly glitter, pour it into a mold and decorate with stickers, wait 15 minutes, then wear or share with your friends! Safely air dries in 15 minutes: Unlike real resin, Jelli Rez naturally air dries in only 15 minutes without the need for blue light to help it set.

The Super Glitter Rainbow Jewelry Pack includes everything you need to make up to 20 unique jelli designs. Mold designs include: lollipop, popsicle, unicorn, butterfly, cupcake, peach, cactus and cherries. This pack also comes with 6 sparkly glitter colors including: purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue - so that you can make one of a kind jelli designs in all the colors of the rainbow! Create rings, necklace, bracelets and hair clips that you can wear, or share with your besties!

Elevate your jelli designs: use different glitter colors to create beautiful gradient or ombre effects. Visit the Jelli Rez website for more design tips and tricks.