Islamic Audio Book for Children

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The educational series in three languages ​​for self-learning for children aged 3-7 years.

  • Languages: Arabic-English-French.
  • The educational series contains 20 educational books.
  • 10 boards for learning letters and wall words.
  • Books that teach arithmetic, numbers, letters, colors and shapes, tools, pillars of Islam, Juz Amma, and more..
  • Storage capacity is 8 GB.
  • Spelling words .
  • Simple and uncomplicated design.

Additional information:
The first section : Basic Arabic has four parts: its meanings are clear and easy to understand, with cartoon pictures to make it easier for children to learn and memorize.
The second section : The cognitive knowledge book has ten parts: the contents of each book revolve around common words in life with cartoon pictures so that children can learn new words easily.
The third section : Islamic knowledge, it has four parts: for children to learn basic Islamic knowledge from it, and to learn how to perform hygiene, establish prayer and recite the daily pillars, and gain a happy upbringing in the atmosphere of Islam.
Section Four : My English - Teaching English letters, useful phrases and everyday conversations.

Product Contents:
The educational series contains 20 educational books.
10 boards for learning letters and wall words.
English and Arabic Educational Wooden Puzzle
An interactive educational puzzle with pictures to teach children Arabic, math, colors and more. This innovative kids learning kit allows your child to interact with puzzle pieces to develop their cognitive skills, patience, teamwork, and problem solving skills


  • Child and toddler development toy
  • Easy and clear design to encourage interest in learning
  • Helps with visual stimulation
  • Helps with interactive learning
  • Best educational / ABC book gift
  • Improvement of children's hands-on ability
  • Increase of attention-span and memory
  • Development of emotional skills by being rewarded after completion of puzzle
  • Development of physical skills from holding puzzle pieces and making them fit
  • More information
  • This puzzle includes 4 major subjects
  • Arabic - letters, words, word analysis English - letters and words
  • Math - numbers, calculations, and number comparison
  • Information and Skills - seasons, shapes, colors, months, and days( Arabic and English)

Your child can play this game alone, or by taking turns to play with a sibling or friend. For a fun competition: The one who spells the word correctly gets to keep the card. The one who has the most cards wins the game! A fun competitive game that will keep the kids busy for hours