Innisfree (Wash Off Pack)Capsule Recipe Pack, Volcanic 10ml

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A clay pack with Jeju volcanic scoria that effectively absorb excessive sebum to keep pores clean

Key Features:
  • Pore care with Jeju volcanic scoria (30,000ppm of Jeju volcanic scoria clay)
  • Rich and thick clay texture
  • A clay wash-off type pack to spread over the face and remove
Solutions catering to different skin problems
It offers solutions for moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, skin tone and texture, pores and specific skin problems

Sleek and simple design
Extra cap is added to help keep it fresh for next use

A variety of Capsule Recipe Pack
Simple wash-off type for use during shower, easy-to-use sleeping type before going to bed and cooling type to be kept refrigerated for skin soothing.

Apply the desired amount of Capsule Pack after washing your face, evenly spread all over your face and wash away with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.