Promate - Kids Night Light, Portable Pen-Holder Touch Sensitive LED Night Light with 3 Level Dimmable Reading Light, 3 Colour and Eye Safe Soothing Light for Studying, Reading, Table, Home, Goofy Blue

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Promate Goofy is a Touch Control Desk Lamp and Night Light. The Desk Lamp is Shaped like a Cute Dog to be more child-friendly with lighting on both top and bottom. The controls are touch sensitive and easy to operate. Goofy is safety tested and tamper -proof to protect little fingers. Goofy comes with brightness control to find the perfect reading light.


Perfect Ambient Lighting Setup:
Promate Goofy is a perfect mate for an ambient light setup. The controllable light creates the best soothing and relaxing ambiance just by a touch of the button. The brightness can be increased and decreased to meet the usage needs. Promate Goofy comes with two lights to suit different use and situations.

Delighting Minimalist Design:
Simple, clean look blends into any space in your home. Whether you put the Tom on your minimalist desktop, a small table or kitchen counter, it will look good – always.

3 Colour LED Light:
Promate Goofy has a 3 Mode LED Light. Just tap on the touch-sensitive eyes and adjust the colour according to your mood. The colours can be set to match the mood like Yellow for Reading and Ambient Lighting, Warm White for Night Lamp and LED White for Arts and Craft.

Designed as a Cute Dog:
The Promate Goofy is Designed as a Cute Dog to make it more Kids Friendly. The colours are vibrant and Bright to suit the kid's desk mood and stimulate children’s learning enthusiasm.

Ultra-Sensitive Touch Button:
Goofy comes with Ultra-Sensitive touch sensors on both the Eyes of the Dog making it Kids Friendly and convenient to use. Just tap or touch to increase or decrease the brightness level or to switch on and off the light. The touch sensors are the best-in-class and are safety tested and tamper-proof to protect little fingers.

Pen Holder Design:
The Promate Goofy comes with a cute Pen Container Designed with a firm base and helps in storing all the necessary items to stimulate and help children’s learning enthusiasm.

Modular Two-In-One Design:
The Goofy comes combined with a Desk Lamp and Night Light. Both the Lights can work simultaneously to provide more brightness or can be used separately. The lights can be controlled using the touch controls make it a modular night lamp and desk lamp.

Ultra-Bright Eye Caring LED:
The Promate Goofy features a 350 Lumen LED Light which is bright but is easy on the eyes. The LED Light is Stable with no Flickering and provides Natural Light which is friendly to the eyes of Kids. The 350 Lumen Light has a run-time of more than 50 Hours of Usage Time (In Low Light Mode).

Mood Sensitive Lighting Adjustment:
The Goofy has touch switch to choose the brightness and find the suitable Brightness for you or your kid. The brightness can be adjusted to maximum for reading or craft or any other work and can also be adjusted to be a soothing night lamp.

Eco-Friendly LED Lights:
The Goofy is designed to be Eco-Friendly which has a Lower Power Consumption and Longer LED Lifespan making it eco-friendly on nature and best mate for your kid.

Technical Specs & Features:

  • Input: 5V, 350mA
  • LED Brightness: 350lumens
  • Power: 6W