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FIFA 21 Standard Edition Includes:

  • Up to 3 Rare Gold Bundles, 1 for 3 weeks per week
  • Loan item Kylian Mbappé for 5 FUT matches
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Element — Pick 1 out of 3 player products for 3 FUT matches (Trent Alexander-Arnold, João Félix, Erling Haaland)
  • FUT kits and stadium pieces in limited edition

Agile Dribble:
In 1-on-1 cases , a new Agile Dribbling program gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativeness. Using fast footwork, more sensitive close touch, and new skill moves like the fake ball roll to blast past defenders.

Positioning Personality:
In FIFA 21, heightened positional awareness increases in-game knowledge among footballers to put them in the right place at the right moment. See world class forwards keep their runs in line with the last defender, imaginative playmakers find space to play through passes, and midfielders close off passing lanes as players live more up to their real-life perception of space and time on the pitch.

Creative & Directed Runs:
Have more control over the movement of your attackers in build-up play with more ways to break down the defense. After activating a sprint, flick the right stick to take full control of the runs your teammates are doing.

Directed Pass And Go:
Flick the right button to determine where your teammate is running after a pass.

Natural Collision System:
A re-imagined system of collisions allows smoother interactions between players around the pitch. Key footballing situations such as goalmouth scrambles and midfield possession wars will settle more naturally, resulting in less free kicks for all and less stumbling over each other as players compete to be the first to the ball.

Football Fundamentals:

  • Updates to football's basics elevate the game around the field.
  • For FIFA 21, a more perceptive understanding of the role of space and opposition helps players to play a better passing game.
  • A modern method of blocking produces more consistent outcomes as the defenders block shots and crosses.
  • Take full control over headed shots and pass with headers that send the ball exactly where you're aiming.