EZ Curl Bar Olympic 4ft Bicep Curl Bar for Curl - Compatible with 2'' Weight Plates Spring Collars Included Weightlifting Arm Adjustable Bomber Bicep

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Key Feature

  • Max Strength Best Combination of EZ Curl Bar Olympic 4ft Bicep Curl Bar for Preacher Curl - Compatible with 2 Inch Weight Plates- Spring Collars Included Plus Weightlifting Arm Blaster Adjustable Bodybuilding Bomber Bicep
  • CAMBERED HANDLES FOR GREATER GRIP STABILITY – The EZ bicep curl bar comes equipped with cambered handles to provide a greater level of grip to help improve control during heavy lifts
  • ROTATING SLEEVES TO PREVENT REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY - Built with brash bushings, the Olympic bar sleeves are designed to rotate during repetitive motions, reducing torque to prevent injury and strain on the wrists during explosive exercises as well as providing a greater level of control and stability during weightlifting. SPRING COLLARS INCLUDED – The Olympic EZ Bar includes 2 x spring collar locking accessories for fast, easy and secure plate changes.
  • TARGET AND ISOLATE BICEP MUSCLES: Designed to enhance your barbell and dumbbell curls this arm curl blaster helps create stronger, more well defined bicep muscles by locking elbows into place and keeping them from swaying during lifts.
  • STRENGTHEN ARMS, SHOULDERS, AND BACK: This bicep curl blaster is ideal for body builders, weightlifters, or even CrossFit athletes who want to get stronger arms, biceps, and shoulders which creates strength gains for other common movements.
  • Package Dimensions 120 x 10 x 10 cm; 8 Kilograms


Created by fitness experts our curling blaster features thick padded elbow pads and foam neck padding to improve safety and comfort, as well as a fully adjustable strap to support men or women lifters. Superior to standard bicep blasters that break down after regular use we’ve used thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, and an adjustable nylon belt to improve your stability and enhance gear durability.