Erasing Eye Contour Gel

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Erasing Eye Contour Gel with active ingredients that help revitalize, firm and improve the elasticity of sensitive skin around the eye area. The powerful blend of active ingredients Triple Action Moisture-Charge Complex, contributes to increased moisture and its absorption in all levels. The presence of Fucogel has a prolonged hydrating effect, gradually increasing moisture for smoother skin, offering a feeling of complete hydration and freshness. Τhe active complex Eye Regener® minimizes the possibility of puffiness and gives a relaxed and renewed appearance.
For all skin types
Apply a small amount every morning and evening on clean skin. Put the gel between the ring fingers and rub gently in order to make the product more liquid for easier application. Apply it between the lower eyelid and the under-eye bone, from the nose to the cheekbones (goose foot area). Gently pat from the inner corner of the eye to the outer until fully absorbed. For better results follow the steps of the complete Hydra Advance skin care program.
Paraben Free
Made in Switzerland