Cybovac E31 Vacuuming & Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 300ml 28 W Kyvol E31 - Black

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Vacuuming & Mopping
E31 robot vacuum not only sweeps but also mops. With its 600ml large dust box and 300ml water tank, E31 can definitely help you with house chores.

Kyvol E31 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with upgraded Gyroptic navigation sensors and will clean your home more thoroughly following an efficient Zigzag path and creates a map in realtime. Kyvol E31 robot vacuum cleaner has cleaning modes auto cleaning, edge cleaning and spot cleaning, which improves cleaning efficiency by using your favorite mode.

Kyvol E31 robotic vacuum with 2200Pa strong suction can easily can easily vacuum all the dust, hair and garbage. With 3 adjustable levels, the robot vacuum can meet your various requirements. With 2.85' super slim body, E31 robot vacuum cleaner reaches every corner and narrow area with ease and keeps your floor clean and fresh.

With ultrahigh 3200 battery capacity, Kyvol E31 robotic vacuum can continuously work 2.5 hours until your 2690sqft or smaller home is totally cleaned. E31 robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging base when in low battery or cleaning completed.

Alexa & Google Home & App control
With smart voice control and KYVOL app, Kyvol E31 robot vacuum cleaner MAKES YOUR HOME SMARTER AND CLEANER, just say Alexa, turn on the robot or schedule your cleaning time with KYVOL APP. You can make cleaning plans, change cleaning modes, start or stop cleaning from anywhere, etc. The remote control also supports the scheduling function.