Black & Decker CJ650-B5 30W Citrus Juicer With 2 Reamers

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The Black and Decker Citrus Juicer offers a great way to start juicing with limited pulp and lots of great flavors! This juicer fits comfortably with your lifestyle. The Citrus Juicer is a super convenient juicer, which is fast and easy to use. This 30W juicer with 0.5L capacity will compliment your needs perfectly. It is designed to run at two speeds, low for soft ingredients and high for hard ingredients. This Hand Press Juicer runs bi-directionally to extract the maximum juice from the ingredients. The safety lock on present on this device protects you from any injuries and splashes. This beautiful off-white colored juicer looks chic and smart and enhances the look of your kitchen counter. One large and small cone is present for different sized fruits. The easy to use and friendly features are what makes this appliance a must have for your home.