Bottle Brush 360 By Everyday Baby

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Dishwashing - simple and clever in no time We can all agree that washing the dishes is not a dream chore. It should just be done, fast and simple with a good result As bottles are recommended not to be cleaned in the dishwasher for proper cleaning, there was a need for a fast and simple solution for dishwashing. The New Everyday Baby Bottle Brush 360 is the smartest and fastest way for proper cleaning - and it is gentle to the material. As the brush head is made of silicone, there is no risk of scratching the inside and there are no hazardous substances released as from plastic brushes. Everyday Baby Bottle Brush 360 has a unique 360-degree rotatable function that rotates the brush head and water in the bottle with the easy of a one hand grip movement. It has never been easier and faster to get a perfect result. Everyday Baby Bottle Brush 360 is processed through a high temperature treatment, making it more durable than a normal bottle brush. The bristles are highly resistant to staining from food, making it perform for a long period of time.