Promate - LED Flood Light, Super-Bright 1440 Lumens Rechargeable 8800mAh Outdoor LED Flood Light with IP54 Water and Dust Resistance and Steady Foldable Stand for Emergency, Hiking, Camping, Beacon-2.Black

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Beacon-2 handheld LED spotlight is designed to provide a high output and ruggedly durable lighting solution for applications where portability, light weight, corrosion resistance, and waterproof high-powered light are required. An adjustable pivot allows for full adjustability, allowing for precise aiming of this LED light. This housing is constructed of precision machined aluminium for excellent strength and durability, powder coated for corrosion resistance, and is rated IP54 for ingress protection against direct exposure to water jets from all directions and dust.


Super Bright LED Floodlight:
Beacon-2 features a super bright LED Flood Light which can brighten the darkest areas. The LED Light is powerful enough for all your camping needs and can also be used as an indoor lighting source at home, Garages and also inside the tents. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted according to your convenience. The LED Light is 18-watt, 1440 lumen that lasts more than 4 hours on a full charge and is as bright as a 300W halogen bulb.

The Perfect Adventure Companion:
Beacon-2 is the perfect companion for all the adventurers. It is feature packed and ultra-compact to go along with you wherever and whenever. Beacon -2 features an 8800mAh Battery Back-Up, Super Powerful LED Light with Two Brightness Mode and an Adjustable Pivot Stand.

Adjusts 360 Degrees:
This Promate Beacon-2 portable light is adjustable with 360 Degree and illuminates with an angle beam of 120 Degree. It stores easily in most drawers or toolboxes or can be slipped into a backpack. Raindrops, coffee spills, or liquid splashes won't hurt it since It has an IP54 protection rating, meaning solid particles over 1 mm in size (or 3/64 of an inch), as well as liquid splashes, are prevented from entering the works and causing damage.

Pivot Stand with Adjustable Function:
The Beacon-2 comes with a Pivot stand which can be adjusted and tilted to any angle according to your convenience. Just tilt the Stand to whichever area you want the floodlight to focus. The base is heavy and makes the Light Stand Sturdy and Adjustable.

High-Tensile Ultra Durable Aluminium:
The Beacon-2 is made of High-Tensile Ultra-Durable Aluminium and a Steel Housing which can withstand whatever you throw at it. The tough build helps it to withstand the roughest conditions and is a perfect mate for all your adventures and camping. Any terrain, Any Situation Beacon-2 is ready.

Portable High-Power Lighting Solution:
The Beacon-2 is portable enough to fit in your Camping Bag-Pack or even in your Normal Bag thanks to the foldable pivot Stand, which makes the Beacon-2 Flat as a normal book to carry it around easily.

Car-Charger and Power Adapter Charging Option:
The Beacon-2 is provided with two modes of charging to make it truly an adventurers companion. The Beacon-2 can be charged using the normal Power Adapter Cable provided with any power Source and the Beacon-2 can also be charged using the Car-Charger Provided along with it while you are on the move and do not have any source of power.

Two Brightness Modes:
Easily click to the soft button to switch between Smooth and Strong modes. Whether you are an avid hiker navigating a backcountry trail or read books in the tent, it perfectly meets your specific lighting needs.

Rechargeable With 8800mah Lithium Battery:
The Beacon-2 comes packed with a colossal battery backup of 8000mAh which guarantee you a run-time of more than 2-4 hours. The colossal Battery helps you make the Beacon-2 a portable Light Source when you are trekking or camping without any Energy Source nearby. The Beacon-2 can accompany you to anywhere and provide you with uninterrupted Light for Hours to come.

IP54 Dust and Water Resistant:
The Beacon-2 is power packed with IP54 Dust and Water-Resistance. The Beacon-2 will accompany you no matter what the condition is Rain, Dust or Sand Storm. The water and dust resistance make it a perfect LED Lighting Solution for Camping, Trekking and all other adventures outdoor activity.

Limitless Outdoor Uses - Hiking, Exploring, Finding Your Way Home:
While we all rely on ultra-modern technology like smartphones, tablets and smart home accessories, sometimes there's just no substitute for a solid, sturdy lantern. After all, when you're deep in the woods and need to see your surroundings, your phone probably won't be much help - especially if the battery's dead. This is a dedicated outdoor exploration accessory, perfect for even the most demanding of activities.

Also Great for Indoors - Gardens, Sheds, Garages and More:
The importance of a well-lit environment when you're working in the garage or shed (or any dark room in the house) can't be overstated. Whether you're working through the night or you're the victim of a sudden power cut, don't be unprepared - this lantern isn't just for outdoor adventuring