Promate - 10W Wireless Charger, Premium Sleek USB-C™ Fast Wireless Charging Pad with Anti-Scratch, Over-Charging Protection, LED Light Indicator and Anti-Slip Surface for Smartphones, AuraPad-4 White

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Take a leap into the wireless future with the fast-wireless charging pad, AuraPad-4. Charge your wireless charging-enabled devices without removing the case as it is designed to work with most cases available. With up to 10W charging output, charge your wireless charging-enabled devices faster than regular wireless chargers. The anti-slip design makes sure that your device doesn’t fall off from the charging pad. The smart IC Chip protects your device against overcharging and short circuit. Just lay your device on the charging pad, and you are good to go.


Ultra-Fast 10W Qi Charging:
Equipped with great power, with the new AuraPad-4 you can get up to 10W power output by utilizing the latest Quick Charge 3.0 technology when you connect the USB charging cable to the QC3.0 charger.

Dedicated for Qi-Enabled Devices:
AuraPad-4 was built for a true wireless charging experience by utilizing Qi technology, which offers 10W ultra-fast charging to all your Qi-Enabled devices while maintaining a cool temperature without overheating your phone.

Say Goodbye to Cables:
Keep charging simple, free from hassle and free from cables or messy charging stations. Simply place your Qi-enabled device on the non-slip charging surface, which helps in securing your device in place while charging.

LED Charging Indicator:
The built-in LED light will provide a clear indication on when the charging pad is being utilized and will turn on whenever you are charging a device, illuminating a soft atmosphere light that doesn’t distract you, even during the night.

Secure USB-C™ Input:
Using a Type C USB connection allows the AuraPad-4 to work at a faster rate when used alongside the QC3.0 charging port. You can insert the connector in either direction, making both setting up and using the charging pad easy and secure.

Superior Smart Protection:
Stay secure and protected when charging your device, with the integrated smart IC chip inside the AuraPad-4. It protects the wireless charging pad from over-current, over-heating and short-circuiting.

Over-heating Protection:
Thanks to the advanced integrated circuit built into the charging pad, you won’t have to worry about over-heating your device from the power transfer in the charging coils, even when charging at a powerful 10W output.

Anti-Scratch Surface:
The charging pad is coated with a soft rubberized coating that not only keeps your device in place when charging, but it also keeps it well protected and leaves no scratched with frequent use.

Anti-Slip Rubberized Coating:
With the rubberized coating on both sides of the charging pad, not only will it hold your device in place, but it will also hold itself in place, so it doesn’t slip or fall.

Slim Low-Profile Design:
Designed with a powerful thermoplastic polymer, the AuraPad-4 is designed to withstand heat and securely hold your device in place by using rubberized coating around the body, while maintaining a stylish build that is small enough for you to take on the go.

Case Friendly:
With the support of up to 6mm charging distance, the charging pad will transmit power directionally through heavy-duty protection phone cases.

Universal Compatibility:
Charge your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or AirPods at ultra-fast speeds using the AuraPad-4. It adapts its power delivery to the device you place on the charging pad with support for different charging modes to suit any Qi-enabled device.