An Introduction to Counseling

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This bestseller provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new research, examples from practice and case studies. An extended introduction is used to explain the new 4-part structure and help readers to track key themes across each section of the book. Now includes 7 new chapters:

The interdisciplinary knowledge base for counselling theory and practiceGestalt therapyFeminist therapyArt-making as a therapeutic practiceTherapy in nature: using the outdoor environmentPluralism: an organizing framework for counselling practiceThe future of counseling: international perspectives
Each chapter enhances learning with the following pedagogy:

Topics for further discussion Key terms and concepts Suggested further reading Case studies and illustrationsLandmark research studies
Enhanced by current debates around evidence-based practice, third wave CBT therapies such as ACT and mindfulness, recent developments within psychodynamic theory, motivational interviewing, reality therapy and embedded counselling, this new edition also explores the political context of counselling and provides coverage of key professional issues. An Introduction to Counselling remains the book of choice for students and tutors on introductory counselling courses. "John McLeod has a sophisticated understanding of counselling theory, research and practice and their history. He weaves research evidence seamlessly into the text, as well as highlighting it in specific boxes. AnIntroduction to Counselling is essential reading for all counsellors in training and by far the best!"
Professor Sue Wheeler, University of Leicester, UK"A definitive review of the field that is also at the cutting edge of new developments. It offers a radical, progressive vision of what counselling can be: an invaluable resource for any counsellor wishing to understand where we are at and where we are going."
Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling, University of Strathclyde, UK"This wonderfully comprehensive introduction to counselling tells you all you need to know about counselling. Beautifully written and richly illustrated with clinical vignettes ... A gem of a book carried through with rigour and love."
Maria Luca, Reader in Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, Regent's University, London, UK"It is my pleasure to endorse a textbook that has been so widely used within the field of counselling. John McLeod's Introduction to Counselling has influenced so many budding counsellors in the past (myself included) and I have no doubt that this updated edition will continue adding to this legacy. It has been updated to account for new developments in the field and remains an informed and accessible point of reference."
Terry Hanley, Editor of Counselling Psychology Review and Programme Director of the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, University of Manchester, UK"This latest edition of John McLeod's Introduction to Counselling is a masterpiece, weaving theory and practice in a readable and comprehensive manner. Practical examples and case studies, along with the latest research, address the many contemporary issues facing students and professionals in the field. The additional chapters including 'Art-making as a therapeutic practice', 'Therapy in nature', 'The interdisciplinary knowledge base for counselling theory and practice' and 'Pluralism: an organizing framework for counselling practice', are essential reading not only for counsellors in training, but also for practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and enhance their on-going professional development. John McLeod's vast experience and wisdom, which he brings to his writing, makes this work one of the best textbooks available, and I highly recommend it and will certainly use it in our training programmes."
Dr Ann Moir-Bussy, Program Leader and Senior Lecturer in Counselling, University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia"This robust new edition gives a thorough overview of contemporary approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. As a practitioner, lecturer or student this book offers a wide application of theory to practice presented in a very clear and easily readable format. The use of text boxes highlighting topics for reflection and discussion, implications for practice and examples from case studies together with the in-depth suggestions for further reading provide an excellent book for counselling training and continuous professional development."
Sharon Vesty, Psychotherapist (UKCP Reg) and Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, UK"This is an excellent text which goes beyond being a technical handbook for trainee counsellors and gives a comprehensive overview of the profession offering food for thought to both new and the experienced counsellors. I welcome the new four-part format which is clear, accessible and offers ample examples of counselling practice alongside indications for further reading. Part 4 in particular explores and asks critical questions about fundamental issues within the profession: the politics of counselling, values and ethics, the role of research in counselling and psychotherapy. For me a key text for those entering the profession."
Clare Walker, Psychotherapist and Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, UK