AFRA Japan Refrigerator, Double Door, Vertical, 340L Capacity, No Frost, Reversible Doors, Adjustable Legs, Vegetable Crisper, Optimal Storage, Electronic Control, Child Lock, G-MARK, ESMA, ROHS, and CB Certified, 2 years Warranty

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Vendor:Afra Japan

•Double door refrigerator keeps your fruits, veggies, meat, and fish fresh, as well as juices and soft drinks. Natural flavour is maintained so you can enjoy fresh and tasty ingredients the way you want.
•340L capacity ensures optimal storage for food and drink. Ideal for home and kitchen use.
•Freezer does not produce frost. No need to defrost.
•Electronic control is easy-to-use. Adjust temperature quickly and conveniently to suit any needs. Child lock disables controls and prevents children from accessing them.
•Reversible doors allow you to switch doors from one side to the other at your convenience.
•Adjustable legs allow refrigerator to be placed at any height according to your preference.
•Vegetable crisper with glass cover keeps contents fresh and maintains natural flavour.