Smily Kiddos Twinkle Metallic Spiral Notebook

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Vendor:Smily kiddos

Smily kiddos presents this attractive and lovely Twinkle Metallic Spiral Notebook which is to be noted for the rather large paper size being used to make the product. It is great for school, uni, work or home! These notebooks features fun graphic covers, metallic foil and clear varnish highlights. It is a lined notebook for use in everyday situations. The notebook can be put to good use by practically anyone.With a hard cover forming the front of the notebook; it does present a hard surface which can be handy in situations that need that kind of an approach. It could also be that the spiral bound notebook would suit situations that need to be preserved longer than the normal applications of the written notes.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality paper
  • It is a spiral bound made from high-quality material
  • Comes in an attractive colour and cute design.
  • Sparkly cover making it more pretty
  • Features fun graphic covers, metallic foil, and clear varnish highlights


  • Type - Twinkle Metallic Spiral Notebook
  • Age - 3 to 10 Years
  • Material - Paper & Iron
  • No. of Pages - 80 Pages
  • Product Dimension - 15 x 1.5 x 21 cm
  • Weight - 256 grams

Safety: Paper and notebooks are combustible material and hence all precautions must be exercised to prevent anything untoward from happening.

Usage Tips: Care must be exercised to prevent water from falling on the notebook as it could smudge the contents as well as damage the notebook.