PATUMMAS Acne Serum – Control Oil and Water Balance, Fade Blemishes, Delicate and Smooth skin x 6 pieces

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size 10 g. ( 6 pack)

Give yourself a simple facial treatment for acne with “Smart Encapsulation” technology which efficiently releases active ingredients from mini spheres into deep skin cells. You will experience smoother skin without excess grease. The addition of Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) helps reveal new skin cells whilst un-clogging pores. This product is also combined with green tea extract, which acts as an anti-bacterial agent to help battle against acne inammation and scars. Leaves you with natural clear, radiant, and smooth skin.

How to use :  Dry your face well after facial washing , apply acne serum on entire face.

Suggestion :

For optimum result, combines use with Acne Mud. Apply Acne Mud on the entire face, leave it until completely dry then rinse off with water. Apply Acne Serum afterward without washing off.