Telecorsa Flashlight + Nion LED (YG-SW03)

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  • Battery : 1200 mAh , Can be recharging.
  • Battery can charger more than 250 times. 
  • Flashlight LED bulb (2W) and the side have nion bulb (SMD 30 bulb).
  • Use reflect equipment (aluminum) ,Help for long distance.
  • The side nion lights can be used in emergencies, hung or placed on the table for lighting as needed.
  • There is a handle for carrying or hanging.
  • Warm light.


  • Charging :Bring charging cable :AC connect with flashlight then connect with plug 
  • Voltage : AC 110-240V/50Hz-60Hz
  • When charging , red light will open for symbolic and when charged fully red light won't power off. 
  • Flashlight using : Slide the switch up to turn on the flashlight. Scroll down to turn on the side nion lights and slide it to the middle to disable it.

- Time for working

  • Average 3 hrs. when charged fully. 


  • 1.First ,you should charge battery fully. If you aren't using you must charge again every 5 months. 
  • 2.If light decreased you should recharge again immediately because 
  • Battery will deteriorate.
  • 3. Don't using during charging.

**Size will changeable for 1-3CM.**

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