Arexons Wizzy Rinnova Tyre Shine Wipes (12 Wipes/pack)

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12 wipes/pack - Wizzy renews rubbers, plastics and seals the product is effective and extremely fast to use to polish the tires and give a new look after washing the car, is also very useful to renew all plastic exterior body, in fact, it is the solution to whitening of: bumpers, moldings, window frames. The product is also recommended for use in bodywork because unlike sprays and aerosols does not volatilize silicone particles in the coating; therefore offers the advantage of the performance of silicone without the disadvantages of the spray, and with unparalleled convenience. Do not contaminate the painting area with your hands (just wash them normally), gloves or other parts coming into contact with the product used on seals tires protects, renews and avoids sticking (due to frost or sunlight) therefore recommended on doors, trunk, windows, sunroofs. Ideal to treat and feed the hood PVC.