Portonovi VEGEA Slippers in Oyster Black

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Up to 15% of waste is observed during mass production. We have turned leftover insoles from post-industrial waste into our sleek and elegant Portonovi sandals with a comfort fit. Finished with lining from Eco Suede made of recycled plastic bottles; straps from VEGEA that is made of grape marc and wine-making waste; and outsole from TPR, thermoplastic rubber that can be recycled. We currently only offer sizes 38, 39, and 41 due to the limited supply of these post-industrial insoles. Wear super sleek slip-on sandals that have been upcycled and revived for lifestyle.

Size Guide

Shoes Standard Size Chart (Size in cm)
Size | Length
36 | 23.5
37 | 24.2
38 | 24.8
39 | 25.5
40 | 26.2
41 | 26.9

Care Instructions

Keep the sandals in dry areas and avoid long contact with direct sunlight.