ISIKA Herbal Body Scrub x 6 pieces

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size 50 g. ( 6 pack)

Air Pollution and sunlight are the main causes of skin cell deterioration, resulting in aging skin, melasma, sunspot, and acne problems. Dead skin cell elimination with facial scrub will restore skin moisture and rejuvenate skin cells. Isika Tanaka , thai natural herb is specially formulated to help combat these skin problems, revealing healthy skin that is soft and younger to the touch. Collagen, a special ingredient, is added to help boost up skin tone and diminishes wrinkles. The experience that bright and smooth skin you’ve dreamt of every day.

How to use :  Apply the mixture of scrub powder and water onto your body then gently scrub it for 5-10 mins. Rinse it off with water.

Suggestion :

Dry Skin : 1-2 times / week Oily Skin : 3-4 times / week